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Vibinex Features

Accurate reviewer assignment

Accurate reviewer assignment

When you raise a pull request, you see a list of the team-members who are best suited to review it, along with the percentage relevance of the reviewer to the pull request.They are also automatically assigned as reviewers in the PR. Individually assigning the reviewers leads to faster response.

Personalized file & line highlighting

Personalized file & line highlighting

The browser extension automatically highlights the parts of the pull request file-changes that you had last contributed to. You can use this to navigate the pull request by remembering the context of the highlighted code and starting your review from the PR from there.

Pull request prioritization

Pull request prioritization

For engineers who like to stay on top of all the changes in their modules, Vibinex highlights the pull requests of the repository that affect the code that you have personally worked on.

Why Vibinex?

Quality Control

Always stay informed if someone overwrites your code.

Know your code

You should review every PR. But do you? Now you can!

Reduce noise

Not everything needs your attention, focus on what matters the most.

Stay calm and get Vibinex

Zero onboarding

Vibinex brings insights to your GitHub or Bitbucket code-review page

Data privacy

Your code and other sensitive data never leaves your infrastructure

Open source

100% transparency means 100% trust

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