Getting started with Github

  1. 1. Sign in on Vibinex using GitHub
  2. 2. Install Repo Profiler Github App from Github Marketplace in your org/personal account. Make sure you have the permissions required to install the app.
  3. 3. Add this code in a file named "repo-profiler.yml" present on the following path - ".github/workflows/repo-profiler.yml" inside the repository.
        types: repo_profile_execution
        runs-on: ubuntu-22.04
        timeout-minutes: 5
          - name: Checkout
            uses: actions/checkout@v3
              fetch-depth: 0
          - name: Repository Profiler
            uses: Alokit-Innovations/repo-profiler@main

Verify your setup

Once you have set up your repositories, installed the browser extension and signed in, you can verify if everything is correctly set up.
  1. 1. In your organization's repository list, you will see the Vibinex logo in front of the repositories that are correctly set up with Vibinex.
  2. 2. When you view the list of pull requests, the relevant ones will get highlighted in yellow, with details that help you choose where to start
  3. 3. Inside the pull request, where you can see the file changes, you will see the parts that are relevant for you highlighted in yellow.